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steampunk artisan Michelle H Murray

Tritium collar


Pocket watch Orrery - a miniature model of our solar system (with all 8 planets) set in a pocket watch case with a clear base.  It doesn’t actually do anything and doesn’t move.  I’ve just used the gears to imply movement.

It’s available in my etsy shop:

Four new creations for July.  Two new Tritium pieces, a miniature orrery and steampunk garter/cuff gun.  If you are not familiar with Tritium it is an element - slightly radioactive and constantly glows without the need to be “charged” like glow in the dark objects require.  It is estimated to glow continuously for 15 years.

Saturn’s Key

Quite by accident it looks like the old alchemy symbol for Saturn.  

My latest “laboratory” necklace - just combine steampunk and mad scientist - stir well…

Tritium is proving popular!  20 year permanent glow - only slightly radioactive - what’s not to love…

Teamed with an Art Deco “step down” finial on each end and draped, facet cut black chain.

My latest heart is available:

Two new pieces - the top one is my first experiment using Tritium.  Unlike traditional glow in the dark powder and paint, Tritium does not require “charging” from a light source.  It glows consistently - up to 20 years! Photo was taken in low light and has not been altered.

The second piece is using traditional glow in the dark powder in a rose gold glass locket. The fine line is a vintage copper hair spring from a clock movement.

Available in my etsy store:

Finished just in time.  Here is my entry to a local art competition - sculpture division.  This is the first wall mounted sculpture/assemblage piece I’ve ever made but I will be exploring this concept.  I wanted the heart (with a double jet-pack on the back) to look like it’s just taken off from the outstretched palm.  

The Aether Extractor II - another "Mad Scientist" necklace miniature steampunk necklace.